Services | Event organization, Event locations


Services | Event organization, Event locations

Bachelorette party venue Kaposvár

Bachelorette party location in Kaposvár? How about if we show you two super restaurants in the city center, where there are opportunities for a huge pre-wedding girly gathering? We can provide private tables for smaller hen parties, and private rooms for larger events. We show you what RV Event recommends for bachelorette parties in Kaposvár!

Event hall Somogy county

Are you looking for a suitable private location for a business event, family event or wedding? The RV Event team has several event halls in Somogy county!

Birthday venues in Kaposvár

The best birthday venues in Kaposvár are presented: Memoriae restaurant offers exclusive birthday offers, and Bárány restaurant welcomes celebrants with an intimate birthday dinner offer! It is not only possible to have a simple lunch or dinner, but also for large-scale birthday celebrations in our private event rooms.

Team building location Kaposvár

A good team-building venue in Kaposvár, where they take care of food, drinks, a private venue, and is it even in a good location? RV Event's team-building locations are located in the central location of Kaposvár, so they are easily accessible for the whole team - of course, we don't want to convince you to choose us, but rather with the extra offers of our restaurants! 

Private events in Kaposvár

Private event in Kaposvár? Company event, important business event, family gathering, wedding, birthday, graduation or class reunion? RV Event not only offers a perfect private event location, but also offers a full range of services.

Company event in Kaposvár

Corporate event in Kaposvár with an exclusive, elegant, or intimate, private atmosphere? The RV Event is waiting! Entrust your business event to those who understand it, and leave satisfied - along with your guests - after the event!

Event organization Somogy county

Event organization Somogy County - the RV Event team specializes in exactly this. If you need help in raising the standard of your event to the highest possible level - be it a gathering of friends, family, or any company event - then feel free to contact us!

Corporate event location in Kaposvár

Press conference, workshop, company year-end or year-end, team-building dinner, coaching, important business meeting, product presentation, partner meeting, or just a simple company lunch? There is a perfect corporate event location in Kaposvár for everything, and you are in the best place to find it! RV Event provides the best corporate events for any business event!

Wedding venue Kaposvár

Which is the best wedding venue in Kaposvár? The team specializing in RV Event events is guaranteed to find you the most perfect wedding location in Kaposvár! We show you almost dreamlike wedding venues in the wonderful downtown of Kaposvár, where you can even use various wedding organization services!

Wedding organization in Kaposvár

Professional wedding organization in Kaposvár? It couldn't be better than RV Event! We work with the best wedding restaurants in Kaposvár, choosing us will surely make your wedding just as you imagined it in your dreams. Elegant, romantic, family or exclusive? Wedding planning in Kaposvár has never been easier than with the RV Event team.

Wedding catering

No wedding celebration can be a wedding celebration without the most delicious snacks. But you don't have to worry, because the RV Event team undertakes wedding catering in and around Kaposvár - and in high quality. The range of available food is wide: from traditional wedding catering dishes to street food delicacies and up to fine dining dishes.

Event decoration

Regardless of the event, event decoration is extremely important - as the first impression is formed in the first moment. No matter how exciting the event is, if the decoration of the event is not in order, it greatly impairs the overall effect and the experience. Entrust the event decoration to the professional team of RV Event!

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