Private events in Kaposvár for family occasions, Private events in Kaposvár for business events

Private event in Kaposvár for all occasions

Private event in Kaposvár from A to Z

Which private events should you contact us for? We have broadly collected the events that we can certainly help organize and conduct. Do you want to organize a different type of event? Find it with your unique needs!
  • Wedding dinner, lunch
  • Birthday events
  • Surprise parties
  • Name day greetings, gatherings
  • Farewell parties
  • Welcome parties
  • Engagement dinners and engagement parties
  • Wedding anniversary celebrations
  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Bean waiting party
  • Graduation lunch
  • Dinner after graduation
  • Class reunion
  • Private gatherings of friends and family
  • Private business events

Private event in Kaposvár, at the best location

The atmosphere and success of every event is basically determined by its location. Are you looking for the best location? The private event in Kaposvár will be perfect thanks to the exclusive rental locations of RV Event. You don't just get a simple venue, but a complex package, which includes menu compilation, food preparation, catering, professional service, and the decoration of the room as required - with us, high quality and professionalism are guaranteed!

We can say that we have the best location for a private event in Kaposvár because we have several event halls. Are you looking for a romantic, exclusive, elegant, modern event location? You can find everything here! Ask for a unique offer from the RV Event team!
Private event in Kaposvár, where elegance and exclusivity play the main role
Do you really want to put yourself out there, enchant all your guests, and do you have a secret goal to get a lot of likes with your pictures even on social media? You will love the exclusive private event rooms of the Memoriae Restaurant! Modern elegance represents the place, as well as the food. Our professional chefs prepare the most delicious dishes of international cuisine with fresh ingredients, secret seasoning, a little modern glaze, and exclusive serving. A private event in Kaposvár with the fine dining dishes of the Memoriae Restaurant will be truly exclusive. When should we be luxurious, if not on a birthday, graduation ceremony, bachelorette party, or anniversary?
A private event in Kaposvár, where elegance plays the main role, where you can really roll the dice
host of guests? Request a unique offer for a private event at the best restaurant in Kaposvár!

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Private event in Kaposvár in a family environment

Would you like your guests to feel at home? Is a private family event in Kaposvár all you dream of? The Bárány restaurant will be the perfect venue! It has an interior terrace, is child- and dog-friendly, and the menu includes dishes from traditional Hungarian cuisine - of course in the best quality, at the highest standard.

Private event in Kaposvár with catering

AZ RV Event offers a full range of services. At private events, we serve the most delicious dishes and premium drinks. Not only sit-down service, but also buffet or buffet service is possible upon request. Our event rooms can accommodate 50-60 people comfortably. On request, it is also possible to provide accommodation and decorate the room - everything is just a matter of discussion. Our event halls are located in the center of Kaposvár, in an easily accessible location, and there is also free parking.
A private event in the fabulous downtown of Kaposvár, with full service, professionally organized? Request an offer from the RV Event team!

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