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News, curiosities | RV Event - Event organization Kaposvár

Use dried flowers in wedding decorations

Trends always come and go, but one of the hottest wedding trends this year is clearly the use of dried flowers. We can also recommend it for boho weddings and elegant, restrained, classic weddings. We also show you how you can use dried flowers in wedding decorations.

You will love these trendy graduation decoration ideas

The RV Event team has been working with the florists and decorators of the Eni Flower Shop since ancient times. When it comes to event decoration, we only call them, even if we need to give you tips. Below we share with you some very trendy graduation decoration ideas.

Summer wedding dessert ideas - refreshing for the Big Day

Are you planning a summer wedding? For a summer wedding, it's worth choosing lighter, refreshing desserts that will help relieve, rather than completely fill, the stomach in the heat. Your guests will also be happy if you serve them something light. Here are some easy and refreshing dessert ideas for a summer wedding.

Graduation dinner Somogy county

With the help of the professional team of RV Event, the graduation dinner in Somogy county will be perfect and will be an eternal memory for all participants. We have several great locations for the graduation dinner.

Engagement dinner in Kaposvár

An engagement dinner in Kaposvár is a very special occasion. That is why RV Event's event planning team shares the most important tips that will help you organize this big day and make it memorable.

Room rental for a birthday party in Kaposvár

If we are at a round birthday - say 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 18, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, maybe 100 years - then it should be celebrated accordingly . It is essential to rent a room for a birthday party in Kaposvár, since a large group of guests can no longer fit in the living room. How do we find the perfect location, what extra services should we look for?

Business dinner in Kaposvár

Organizing a business dinner in Kaposvár can be a challenge for many, but by taking a few basic aspects into account, you can create a successful and memorable event. Here are some tips to help you organize and run a successful business dinner.

Best ideas for an event venue in Somogy county

We have several ideas for event locations in Somogy county, we can also show you very elegant event locations in the county seat, Kaposvár downtown, as well as on the shores of Lake Balaton, which can be ideal for multi-day corporate events or larger-scale weddings.

The best baby shower party games to set the mood

A baby shower party is a very special event in itself, as close relatives and friends celebrate the arrival of a little miracle, a new family member. But there are great baby shower party games that you can use to make this already very magical event even more special!

Guest-friendly ideas for the wedding

Although the wedding is the big day of the couple, the real celebration is when all the invited parties are having a good time. And as an organizer, you can do a lot to ensure that guests enjoy maximum comfort. Below are some guest-friendly ideas for your wedding!

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