Baby shower party games: these are the best baby shower party games that are guaranteed to bring joy and laughter


The best baby shower party games to set the mood

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A baby shower party is a very special event in itself, as close relatives and friends celebrate the arrival of a little miracle, a new family member. But there are great baby shower party games that you can use to make this already very magical event even more special! Best Baby shower party games

Baby Shower Bingo - one of the greatest classic baby shower party games

One of the biggest classics of baby shower party games is bingo, adapted a little to the theme. Bingo is one of the most popular baby shower games - and for good reason, it also involves the guests in the experience. It doesn't take much, just print out enough Bingo templates for each guest, hand them out and let them think about forgetting for a bit. Whoever gets a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal row first wins! Try words like "diaper change", "ultrasound", "night feeding", which are related to expecting a baby.

Diaper raffle - the inimitable baby shower party game

Here's a fun way to stack diapers! Encourage guests to bring a pack of diapers to the baby shower party, as they can receive a raffle ticket in return. More diapers, more raffles, more chances to win the huge prize at the end of the day. And what is the prize? Is that up to you? The gift can be a full day of childcare, or a "You can be the babysitter on our first date as parents" recognition certificate, or any personal item related to the baby.

Pregnant Twister - or the world's funniest baby shower party game

With a big belly, even tying your shoes is a real challenge, let alone in Twisterez, isn't it? Of course, nobody needs to Twister while pregnant, or do they? Let's make fun of those who laugh at us when we clumsily try to solve tasks in the midst of interesting stunts! Guests will wear artificial bellies and participate in a complicated game of Twister! To make the pregnant belly, give each guest a pillow, a wrist weight, and a pouch or bag that fits the wrist weight. Place the weights in their bag and tie the bag and pillow around their waists. The expectant parent(s) sit out and act as judges. It will be fun, we promise!

Don't call me a baby - a real challenging baby shower party game

Sure, it's a baby shower, but can you get through the entire party without saying the word "baby"? This game tests guests' self-control and listening skills as they try to avoid saying "baby/doll". When guests arrive, give everyone a diaper pin to pin on their shirt, explain the rules, i.e. that during the baby shower party no one can say the baby's name in any form, if someone does, their pin can be taken away. The winner is the one with the most pins on their shirt by the end of the day.

Did you like these bean waiting party games? Our event organizing team still has a lot of ideas, not only about the games, but also about the special menu, baby shower snacks, cakes, and decorations. Ask for a unique offer!


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