Best ideas for an event location in Somogy county, location ideas for a company conference, team building, wedding


Best ideas for an event venue in Somogy county

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We have several ideas for event locations in Somogy county, we can also show you very elegant event locations in the county seat, Kaposvár downtown, as well as on the shores of Lake Balaton, which can be ideal for multi-day corporate events or larger-scale weddings. Best ideas for an event location in Somogy county business event Somogy county is full of excitement - if we only look at the fact that half of Balaton is located in this county, or rather in its county, then we can say a lot. In addition, we must not forget the wonderful city of Kaposvár, the seat of Somogy county, which has won several awards. Somogy county is a perfect place for organizing family, friend or business events. Not only is there the right infrastructure, but you can also find scenically beautiful regions, whether for a product launch campaign, a wedding, or a company team-building event. We are already showing great ideas for event venues in Somogy County.

Best ideas for an event location in Somogy county: Wedding

Somogy county is an ideal choice for couples in love. Many people dream of a waterside wedding, for which the Hungarian sea provides the perfect backdrop. Our event organizers often recommend couples getting married to take advantage of the charm of the southern coast, the view of the northern ranges, take beautiful pictures, and then hold the ceremony and reception in Kaposvár. The wonderful city center of Kaposvár has already been awarded with several city awards, the special buildings of the city center give the wedding a special atmosphere. In downtown Kaposvár, close to the offices and the church, we have two great ideas for event locations. We recommend the exclusive Memoriae restaurant for weddings with a modern atmosphere, while the A Bárány restaurant for traditional weddings. Both event venues in Somogy County are waiting for you with tailor-made wedding packages. To do this, you only need to describe your needs in the form below.

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Best ideas for an event venue in Somogy county: For family events

Birthday, baby shower, anniversary, silver or golden wedding, graduation, graduation ceremony? Whatever family event you want to organize, feel free to ask the staff of the A Bárány restaurant! The restaurant's chefs prepare traditional, grandmotherly delicacies, the decorators arrange the event hall according to demand, and even provide the technology for music and video projection.

Best ideas for an event location in Somogy county: for friendly events

Are you looking for a class reunion, hen or stag party, birthday, or simply a friendly outing or a time together? The best event location for you will be the Árkánum Hotel, and we'll tell you why! It is located directly on the shore of Lake Balaton, along the bicycle path. You can not only go to the beach, but also ride a bike together - because there is no better joint summer adventure than a ride on the shores of Lake Balaton! The hotel has comfortable rooms, breakfast and dinner can be requested, but there is also space and equipment for cooking. Everything is provided for a real big adventure with friends, but of course families are also welcome!

Best ideas for an event venue in Somogy county: For business events

The RV Event team specializes in organizing and conducting business events. Our team has already organized several large-scale events with great success. No matter what kind of business event it is - be it a conference, press conference, product presentation, company year-end, important business meeting, team building event, workshop, or anything else - you can count on our event management team. We have many ideas for business event locations within Somogy county, but the exact choice also depends on the type of event, the profile and the field of expertise of the company. You can count on us not only for the selection of the event location, but also for the full organization and execution. After filling out the form below, our event organizing team will prepare a unique offer!

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