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Partner meeting tips - this is how professional businessmen do it

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The Rv Event team tries to provide all the help to those holding small and large events and those coming to events. Partner meetings are no exception to this. Although our event planning team also has a lot of ideas, we asked a few business people to share some effective partner meeting tips. Partner meeting tips 2024

Partner meeting tips: You always need a schedule/agenda!

It is a golden rule that we do not organize a partner meeting without a well-prepared, strategically composed schedule in advance. If there is, even then the whole thing can easily fall apart, but if there isn't, then the conversation will almost certainly not go in the right direction. You need clear goals and strategic steps that support these goals, for example the presentation of different results, an ongoing exchange of ideas about certain things, and the condition of strategic questions. Nowadays, there are already applications designed for this, in which the agenda can be recorded and made available to all parties. If you do not use such applications, it is still important that all relevant partners receive the agenda at least 24 hours before the meeting, so that they can be sufficiently informed and prepared.

Partner meeting tips: Gather the most important goals

A partner meeting should always have a purpose. If you can't formulate a goal, then the discussion is pointless. It can also be a goal to discuss the annual progress, to look at the evolution of the results together. Typical partner meeting objectives are, for example, the following:
  • General discussion, with the aim of highlighting whether there is strategic alignment
  • Negotiation meeting to discuss and negotiate the details of contracts and agreements
  • Planning an upcoming project
  • Status reporting on the progress of an existing project
  • Final discussion regarding the closed project

Partner meeting tips: Invite only those who belong there

They often make the mistake of inviting people to the partner meeting - as they say, for the sake of safety - who have little to do with the discussed topic. Either because they are not in a decision-making position, or because they do not know the details of the discussed project. Partner meetings are much more effective when there are fewer people, only those who really belong there. Only key decision-makers, informants and managers who are directly involved in the discussion should be invited. Anyone else who may need to be informed should just send the recording or notes from the meeting. There are also cases when an external party needs to be called in, say for a new point of view. This doesn't have to be an obstacle either.

Partner meeting tips: Be smart with documents

You usually have to prepare a lot of documents for a partner meeting: review contracts, discuss agreements, analyze results, calculate costs, and the list goes on. Many times these documents get mixed up. Today's technology, however, makes it possible to store documents that are public to all parties, as well as meeting notes, on shared drives, such as Google Drive.

Partner meeting tips: The choice of location is important

A partner meeting definitely needs a place that is independent of the parties. Businessmen like to get out of the office a bit and hold meetings in an inspiring environment instead of meeting rooms. RV Event's business restaurants offer spacious tables for partner meetings. For larger events, our private event rooms provide a comfortable space for everyone.

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