Dried flowers at a wedding: How to use dried flowers in wedding decorations


Use dried flowers in wedding decorations

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Trends always come and go, but one of the hottest wedding trends this year is clearly the use of dried flowers. We can also recommend it for boho weddings and elegant, restrained, classic weddings. We also show you how you can use dried flowers in wedding decorations. Dried flowers at a wedding

Dried flower wedding bouquet

Make a unique and stylish bouquet from dried flowers and stems. Choose flowers and plants that stand out with their beautiful texture and shape, such as dried lavender, silkworms, dried eucalyptus, and the list goes on. And you know what the best thing about a dried flower wedding bouquet is that it is very unique and looks great in photos? It does not wither, so you can keep it for a long time!

Dried flower wedding table decoration

Use dried flowers and plants in table centerpieces. You can create simple and clean compositions, for example by placing flowers and plants in a glass or wooden vase. These centerpieces can add an elegant look to your wedding tables. With their natural color, they create a very clean atmosphere. We can imagine it in several wedding styles, in addition, there are flowers that have bright colors, so you can even play with this and tune it to the other wedding decorations.

Dried flower wall decoration

Make curtains or wall decorations from dried flowers and plants. Tie them together with thin crochet thread or yarn, then hang them on the backdrop or at different points of the wedding venue. This can be a romantic and bohemian solution in the decoration. The age of balloons and gaudy colors is over, wedding decorations will be much more trendy with such small, clean decorations. Combine it with different mood lights and lanterns for the perfect effect!

You can also make a wedding hair ornament from dried flowers

You can also make a hair accessory that you can easily put on with the help of clips. It can be a beautiful and stylish accessory that gives a unique look to your wedding style. You can even gift the bridesmaids with a special hair accessory.

Provence atmosphere from dried flowers

Lavender is also becoming more and more popular these days, which can be a great ingredient for dried wedding flower bouquets and wedding decorations. You can create a real Provence atmosphere if you use dried lavender, and last but not least, it smells heavenly.

Wedding thank-you gifts made of dried flowers

Last but not least, dried flowers would also be a great material for wedding thank-you gifts. Even in small bottles and bags, they are very beautiful and fragrant, but they can also be used for soaps and candles.

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