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Special wedding venue in Kaposvár

A special wedding venue in Kaposvár for a special day

A wedding is a special occasion for everyone: it is when two people officially tie their lives together. You and I turn into We when the fate-changing Yes are spoken! The celebration of this special occasion must also be special - and for this you need a special wedding venue in Kaposvár. Today's trends tend more and more towards the fact that romance is not shown in the frothy decorative elements, but rather in the intimacy, the special atmosphere, and for this reason you can even choose a more classic and elegant venue to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a more elegant or family-friendly wedding venue in Kaposvár, we can help! We also show you two perfect wedding venues in Kaposvár!

Exclusive and elegant wedding venue in Kaposvár

The Memoriae Restaurant is the perfect wedding venue for those who prefer exclusivity and elegance instead of frothy romance. If a refined wedding is in your dreams, and elegance is close to you, then the special restaurant located in the center of Kaposvár, already in its name, will certainly win you over! Elegant splendor inside and out, special menu, gastronomic specialties, premium drinks on the table, with unique decoration. We have already organized several elegant events, including engagement parties, and exclusive weddings here, and based on this, we can say that this wedding venue in Kaposvár can comfortably accommodate 50-60 people.

Family-friendly, romantic wedding venue in Kaposvár

If luxurious splendor is far from you, you prefer to stick to traditions, and you want to celebrate your wedding within the framework of a family rather than an elegant event, there is a very good wedding venue for that in downtown Kaposvár. The Bárány restaurant is perfect for conducting romantic weddings with a family atmosphere. The chefs await the entire wedding party with traditional dishes and flavors reminiscent of childhood. Also, it can accommodate 50-60 people comfortably, thanks to the terrace it is also possible to hold smaller outdoor weddings, contact us for details!


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