Wedding catering Kaposvár

Traditional wedding catering in Kaposvár

Wedding catering in Kaposvár with a traditional menu

Weddings are very important events, and for many, many years they celebrate the coming together of two hearts with this special ceremony, the fact that You and I will officially become We from this day on. Not only wedding ceremonies, but also wedding food has its own tradition. If you have imagined a traditional menu for the Big Day, the kitchen of the Kaposvári A Bárány restaurant will enchant you. The dishes of traditional Hungarian cuisine are made from high-quality ingredients, based on grandma's original recipes. If necessary, we provide not only wedding catering, but also a wedding venue. The Bárány event hall is the perfect venue for holding 40-50 people and holding small weddings. Wedding catering in Kaposvár is available at an external location for hundreds of participants!

Wedding catering in Kaposvár with a modern menu

Traditions are very important, but sometimes you have to dare to innovate and try new things. If you are brave enough to break away from traditional wedding food, then we have good news! Modern wedding catering is also available in Kaposvár, courtesy of RV Event. We work with several different restaurants and with several different kitchen technologies. Whatever menu you have imagined for the Big Day, we will help you make it happen. Will your wedding be all about luxury? Do you imagine dishes like goat cheese, salmon fillet, duck breast, porchetta, or shrimp on your plates? In the Memoriae restaurant, our chefs serve the most unique gastronomic wonders of international cuisine to the plates, in fine dining quality, including the ingredients listed above! The event hall of the Memoriae restaurant can also accommodate 50-60 people.

Customized wedding catering in Kaposvár

RV Event provides fully customized wedding catering for customers. It is possible to create several types of creative, unique wedding menus. In addition to food, we also provide cookies, cakes, and premium quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, coffees, and soft drinks. The restaurants in our portfolio work with the most modern technologies in addition to traditional kitchen technology. They work exclusively with high-quality, preferably seasonal ingredients, as they know very well: the soul of the food is given by the ingredients themselves. We prepare not only traditional dishes and fine dining dishes, but also street food specialties (i.e. premium quality hamburgers, hotdogs) and some finger foods (tiny snacks).

Wedding catering in Kaposvár: food for allergic people

You asked around the host of guests, and someone said that they are gluten- or lactose-intolerant, or maybe they don't eat meat, and you were completely in despair, what to do in this case? You don't have to worry, because the RV Event team has a lot of experience in organizing events, and we thought of that as well. The experienced and professional chefs pay particular attention to the special needs of each guest, including those with food allergies and intolerances, so lactose- and gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes are available. Wedding catering in Kaposvár, food is also available for sensitive people at RV Event!

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