Corporate event venue in downtown Kaposvár, Corporate event venue in Kaposvár with a private room

Private corporate event venue in downtown Kaposvár

Company event location in the center of Kaposvár - with which you can impress your partner

If you want to impress your business partners with something, then bring them to the wonderful downtown of Kaposvár for dinner! Our portfolio includes two perfect corporate event venues in downtown Kaposvár: the Memoriae Restaurant, which serves exclusive gastronomic masterpieces, and the A Bárány Restaurant, which serves traditional cuisine. In addition to conducting business meetings, both are also perfect for various corporate events (for example, workshops, press conferences, product presentations, year-end celebrations, business meetings), as they have separate event rooms.

Corporate event location in Kaposvár with full range of services

A corporate event location in Kaposvár can be an excellent choice not only because of its exclusive appearance and equipment, but also because it has the right services. AZ RV Event provides not only simple corporate event locations, but also full-scale services. Corporate event location in Kaposvár with full service? We show you what services are available with us!
  • The provision of elegant, private corporate event spaces suitable for comfortably accommodating 50-60 people, furnished for the occasion, and you can choose from several designs.
  • Providing the necessary technical equipment for the corporate event, which includes the projector, Flip-Chart, projection screen, hi-fi, and of course the air conditioning at all of our corporate event venues.
  • A corporate event venue in Kaposvár is available with customized, high-quality catering at RV Event. It is also possible to have traditional seated service, but we can also provide standing buffet menu service, and it is also possible to prepare a buffet.
  • Personalized menu, selected dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. it is possible to order hot meals, to prepare cold dishes, but also to provide streed food, finger food, and sandwich lunches. If required, we can also provide dessert and cake.
  • A corporate event venue in Kaposvár cannot be without exclusive premium drinks. Our offer includes not only simple soft drinks and coffees, but also wines from the best wineries in Transdanubia, craft beers, and quality short drinks.
  • The special decoration on request is provided by the RV Event team in cooperation with the Eni Flower Shop and Gift Shop.

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