Bachelorette party location Kaposvár: best bachelorette party location Kaposvár, special bachelorette party location for dinner

Bachelorette party location in Kaposvár at Memoriae restaurant, Bachelorette party location in downtown Kaposvár

The most special hen party location in downtown Kaposvár

The most special hen party location in the city center of Kaposvár, where you can really have a really girly, posh get-together. Where the more special delicacies look just like the hottest posts on Instagram? Where they serve special dishes resplendent in colors and rich in flavors - shrimp, steak, foie gras? Where even the table setting is such that you immediately take out your phone to capture it? Where premium wines that go perfectly with special dishes are poured into the glasses? The cocktail selection at the Memoriae restaurant is the icing on the cake – no bachelorette party can end without special, fancy cocktails! Do you agree? Then the best place for a hen party in Kaposvár is the Memoriae premium restaurant for you!

Bachelorette party venue in Kaposvár at the Bárány restaurant

If, instead of a crazy party, you envisioned a low-key, girly evening, which cannot be missing a special dinner, a friendly wine, a few games reviving the past, possibly funny, and a little something special - then A Bárány restaurant awaits you with open doors. It is possible to reserve a table in advance, and in the case of larger groups, to rent a private room. At the Bárány restaurant, they work according to a traditional recipe tour, if the birthday person likes classic things, then he will also love this restaurant. We provide the perfect background for a hearty conversation, the atmosphere of the restaurant will surely open the door to recalling childhood memories. "How nice it was to go to school together....don't you remember that first really big party we had....and when we hunted boys together....then everything changed when I found him....but I'll never forget you" - so many touching scenes could have been played at the hen party table of the Bárány restaurant!

Hen party venue in Kaposvár with full services

There are several hen parties in Kaposvár, but you will definitely find the best at the RV group of companies. We have the option not only for girls' get-togethers. Thanks to our private event rooms, we can also provide a perfect venue for large-scale hen parties. Moreover, in addition to securing the location, additional extra services are also available. The hen party venue in Kaposvár is available with full services, here is a short list of the services available:
  • Bachelorette party venue in Kaposvár with event rooms for up to 50 people
  • Provision of catering, possibility of table setting, buffet service, buffet
  • Providing a menu: traditional Hungarian dishes, international specialties, fine dining dishes, street food specialties, hamburgers, cold dishes, finger foods, sandwiches, small cakes, cake
  • Premium drinks: a special selection of wines to go with food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail specialties, premium short drinks
  • Decoration according to demand: in cooperation with the Eni Flower Shop and Gift Shop, we even provide special bridal shower accessories

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