Birthday venues in Kaposvár for family events, Birthday venues in Kaposvár for friends' parties

Birthday venues in Kaposvár for family celebrations

Birthday venues in Kaposvár for family celebrations

What are the best birthday locations in Kaposvár for a family celebration? The above-mentioned Memoriae restaurant also has separate event rooms, as well as tables for large groups, and a separate terrace area. In addition, the restaurant A Bárány in Kaposvár, which is part of our portfolio, is also outstanding among birthday venues in Kaposvár, as it also has several event rooms, which provide a perfect location for family gatherings and family celebrations. The menu includes the finest dishes of Hungarian cuisine, and we recommend premium drinks. The restaurant also has a separate children's menu. In case of prior consultation, it is also possible to order a cake!

Outdoor birthday venues in Kaposvár

If you are thinking about an outdoor birthday celebration, we recommend our modern event tents, which are available in different sizes. Outdoor birthday venues in Kaposvár, for baby showers, children's birthday celebrations, or a large-scale family birthday? The Rv Event team will find a solution for this too! With the help of our modern event tents and refrigerated trucks, we can handle events for up to 100 people, so of course birthdays with a smaller number of people are not an obstacle either!

Birthday venues in Kaposvár for gatherings of friends

The RV Event team specializes in organizing events, so the mentioned great birthday venues in Kaposvár are not just simple venues, but much more than that. We provide full services for birthday events. Our unique package offers include the provision of a separate location, the agreed catering, food and drinks, as well as their professional service, as well as the decoration of the location. We carry out the decoration in collaboration with the Eni Flower Salon and Gift Shop, based on individual needs! Regarding the service, it is possible to have a seated meal, but also for a standing reception, buffet service, and buffet preparation. We adapt the food to the birthday event, we not only work with traditional cuisine, in addition to the usual dishes, there is also the option of street food and fine dining dishes.

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