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Wedding trend changes: These will be the latest wedding trends in 2024

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Weddings have always been special events in people's lives, and that probably won't change in the future, but many other things will! In recent years, there have been a number of exciting changes in the wedding industry that have brought and will bring many new directions to traditional weddings. Let's see what new wedding trends can be expected in 2024! Latest wedding trend changes

1. Wedding trend changes: Smaller, more intimate weddings are coming in 2024

Large-scale weddings have traditionally been one of the most important events, but now more and more people are choosing smaller, intimate weddings. These weddings allow the couple to enjoy the big day more directly and more easily create the personal moments they have always wanted. Such weddings often take place in a more intimate circle of family members and close friends. There are no unnecessary fuss, elements that the couple does not appreciate, and no people fighting out of obligation. During the coronavirus, many people realized what is really important, that there is no need for a big fuss in the case of such events either, since a smaller circle of guests can make the celebration much more intimate and memorable.

Are you looking for a venue for a small wedding? Our event rooms can be comfortably furnished for up to 50 people, they can be dressed up in a Cinderella world or in a modern green wedding decoration, in a luxurious modern style. Request an offer for RV Event's wedding halls! In addition to securing the location, we also provide unparalleled, high-quality catering, wedding cake, and festive drinks if needed, and of course, unique decoration as well!

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2. Wedding trend changes: Electronic wedding invitations

Paper-based invitations have been an integral part of weddings for a long time, but electronic invitations are now becoming more and more popular, which is partly due to the coronavirus. At that time, it was not possible to communicate much, instead of paper-based invitations, electronic invitations are much more practical. Electronic invitations are environmentally friendly and can be distributed faster, and they also offer many creative options for customizing the invitations, including a video message or the couple's favorite song can be set in the background. It is also worth assigning a registration interface to such invitations, where you can track the number of guests, their unique needs, such as their food sensitivities, or the needs of their children.

3. Wedding trend changes: Abandoning traditional wedding menus

Wedding menus are also changing, and more and more people are abandoning the traditional multi-course dinner. Simplified, more creative and often environmentally friendly food and drinks are becoming increasingly popular. Food trucks, picnic-style meals or even the presentation of local gastronomic specialties are all ideas that can be used to make the wedding meal unique. At RV Event, you can not only choose from a traditional menu, we also have street food trucks, and thanks to the excellent chefs of the Memoriae restaurant, we can also serve a fine dining menu! We will listen to any idea!

4. Wedding trend changes: Special wedding venues

Wedding ceremony locations are also becoming more and more creative. Many people choose natural locations, such as forests, mountains or beaches, where they can create a stunning backdrop for the ceremony. Remember, for such an outdoor wedding, you also have to think about the weather. if you don't want to worry about rain or intense sunshine, then use our beautiful wedding event tents!

5. Wedding trend changes: Environmentally friendly weddings

The growing interest in sustainability is also affecting weddings. Among the wedding trends, environmentally friendly weddings are increasingly coming to the fore. During such weddings, unnecessary waste is avoided, renewable energy sources are used, and environmentally friendly decorations are used. Environmental protection is becoming more and more important to wedding guests as well, and they are happy to participate in weddings that pay attention to the future of our planet.

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