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A dreamy wedding in Kaposvár

A dreamy wedding in Kaposvár? All you need is a location!

Many people dream of the Big Day, their wedding, even when they are little girls. Did you also dream of an intimate, romantic wedding, but now you've grown up and realized that this idyll is overshadowed by a lot of organizational work? Choose RV Event's event venues for rent in Kaposvár, and we'll take a lot of the burden off your shoulders while helping you make your dream wedding come true in Kaposvár! What kind of wedding did you imagine? We try to fulfill all your individual requests at the highest level!

Elegant wedding in Kaposvár

The Memoriae Restaurant, which reflects elegance, sophistication and sophistication, is the perfect choice for those who dream of an elegant wedding in Kaposvár. We arrange and design the restaurant according to requests. We have already organized several weddings here, and based on these, we can say that 50-60 people can fit here very comfortably. We provide not only food, drinks and service, but also wedding decorations with the help of the Eni Flower Shop and Gift Shop. Menus featuring gastronomic specialties are prepared here using the finest ingredients and the flavors of international cuisine, which will certainly enchant not only the newlyweds, but the entire wedding party.

An intimate wedding in Kaposvár

The "A Bárány" restaurant, based on our past and featuring traditional flavors, is the perfect choice for those whose childhood dreams included a traditional wedding in Kaposvár. The specialties of the excellent chefs of the Bárány restaurant are Hungarian dishes, grandmother's flavors that evoke childhood. The restaurant also has a garden area with a terrace, so it is even possible to hold an open-air wedding for up to 20 people.


A perfect wedding in Kaposvár with the perfect wedding venue

How will the wedding in Kaposvár be perfect? RV Event with its perfect Kaposvár wedding venues! Both locations are located close to the churches of the historic churches and the Kaposvár City Hall, and in both places the main role can be played by flavors, self-indulgent fun and celebration. The team will do everything to ensure that the couple and their guests feel as good as possible and celebrate this Big Day without forgetting. We fulfill all your wishes - this is the main task of our qualified team.

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