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Wedding catering Somogy county, Wedding catering Somogy county with special dishes, modern serving


Wedding catering Somogy county

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Wedding catering is available in the entire area of Somogy county thanks to the RV Event group of companies in the highest quality! The selection includes traditional Hungarian dishes, meat soup with fried meat, but also unconventional street food dishes, as well as real international specialties! Modern wedding catering, Somogy county, Kaposvár

Wedding catering in the entire area of Somogy County courtesy of RV Event

Wedding catering in Somogy county? Choose the best! The team of RV Event, which specializes in organizing events, has already participated in the organization of several large and small weddings with great success. One of our main specialties is the planning and preparation of catering. We work with several well-known restaurants. Their professional chefs know exactly what special dishes can be used to make a big splash at what style of wedding. Wedding catering in the area of Somogy County does not necessarily only consist of broth and fried meat. If you want to create a menu that is a bit more modern, or even a bit more unconventional, on the Big Day, ask us for a unique offer!

Wedding catering in the entire area of Somogy County in a wide selection: traditional wedding dishes, special Hungarian recipes, international flavors, gastronomic specialties of foreign cuisines, street food, hamburgers, BBQ dishes, cold dishes, special finger food, cakes and tarts are also available in the RV Event offer!

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Traditional wedding catering Somogy County

There is nothing wrong with someone imagining their wedding along traditional lines. After all, wedding ceremonies have a huge history, the foundations were laid centuries ago. If you too are imagining a traditional wedding, and the tastes of your invited guests are closer to the taste of Hungarian cuisine than special fish dishes or street food hamburgers, then RV Event recommends the special Hungarian dishes of the chefs of the Bárány restaurant. From the restaurant, it is not only possible to order catering, but thanks to the private event rooms with a capacity of 50 people, they also provide a venue for small and large weddings. Traditional wedding catering in Somogy county with high-quality ingredients, also available in large quantities at Rv Event!

Shape-shifting wedding catering in Somogy county

Nowadays, there is a growing trend to break away from wedding traditions a little, so to speak, to steer the way of celebration into modern waters. If you would prefer a modern menu for your wedding, RV Event has the answer for that too! Modern wedding catering is available in the entire area of Somogy County! International food, street food, hamburger, hotdog, BBQ? We have already heard from several guests during midnight hamburgers that this is a much better idea than stuffed cabbage! BBQ food can be eaten with even more enthusiasm than fried meat, which is on the menu every Sunday anyway... Unique, unique wedding catering in Somogy County? Ask for a unique offer!

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Premium wedding catering Somogy county

The Memoriae restaurant, famous for its premium dishes, is part of our company group. If you also want to see high-quality, showy dishes and international specialties on the plates of your invited guests, the chefs of the Memoriae restaurant will enchant you! In addition to international fine dining dishes, it is also worth voting if the guest list includes international names, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Premium tastes come with a premium venue: the private rooms of the Memoriae Restaurant are also perfect as a wedding venue. Premium wedding catering in Somogy county with comprehensive services - RV Event.

Wedding catering in Somogy County? Whatever you dreamed of, contact us and we will discuss the details!

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