Outdoor wedding in Kaposvár


Outdoor wedding in Kaposvár

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Outdoor wedding in Kaposvár? Many people do not recommend it because of the unpredictability of the weather, but with RV Event, nothing is impossible! This is your Big Day, and we will help you to make everything happen as you dreamed, we also organize open-air weddings in full! Outdoor wedding in Kaposvár

Outdoor wedding in Kaposvár with RV Event

Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding in Kaposvár? We help you make it happen. The Rv Event team consists of professional event organizers, experienced waiters, and the best chefs in the area, who do everything to make the Big Day go perfectly. Despite the fact that we have several beautiful indoor event halls that provide the perfect backdrop for sparkling white dresses, flowers, and wedding cake, we do not shy away, even if we are entrusted with the organization of outdoor weddings. You are in the best place if you want an outdoor wedding in Kaposvár or in the surrounding area, because with our event tents we ensure that the event will not be washed away even by summer thunderstorms. If a wedding is held outdoors, there are a few things that must be paid close attention to.

When can an outdoor wedding be held in Kaposvár?

The weather is one of the most important factors - every ara updates the weather app at least 10 times a day before the Big Day, this is so important, even if it's just a church procession outside. In our country, the spring season is most suitable for outdoor weddings, in spring and autumn the weather is very unpredictable, which makes it impossible to plan ahead. RV Event takes up the fight against worse weather conditions with covered event tents, but we still do not recommend the changeable months.


Where should an outdoor wedding take place in Kaposvár?

Suitable location: Definitely a location that is suitable for holding a wedding. We are thinking here that there is a suitable parking space nearby, it is easily accessible, and it is not very muddy even after rain. With the help of RV Event's refrigerated vans, catering, chilled drinks and hot meals will be provided even in remote places, but if access is difficult, you and your guests may experience unpleasant moments. What is the best location for an outdoor wedding in Kaposvár? If you want to be sure how much, you can also choose the terrace of our restaurants as a wedding venue, but its capacity is limited.


Decoration ideas for an outdoor wedding in Kaposvár

Did you know that the event organizers of RV Event work together with the skilled florists of ENI Virágbolt? We guarantee that the outdoor wedding in Kaposvár will have the most tasteful decoration, of course you can say the main direction, we will give you maximum ideas and realize your vision! A very cozy atmosphere can be created with the right decoration and lighting. Candles, string lights or lanterns between trees, magical, isn't it? The whole host of guests will swoon, and the pictures will be wonderful!


Outdoor wedding in Kaposvár with a unique menu

An outdoor wedding in Kaposvár is not an everyday thing, so of course you need a unique menu? We work with two great restaurants in Kaposvár, so several styles of food are available. Have you envisioned traditional Hungarian food, perhaps one of the specialties of international cuisine piqued your interest, or do you prefer a more casual menu or street food specialties? Here you can find everything on the palette!

Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding in Kaposvár? Ask for a unique offer from our professional team, and we will help you with everything!

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