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Corporate team building programs in Kaposvár, centrally located

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Fortunately, more and more company managers recognize the importance of company team building programs, and at least once a year they give their employees the opportunity to get to know each other, make friends, develop, and have fun. If you are also thinking about organizing corporate team building programs, let us recommend perfect locations for this in the center of Kaposvár!
Corporate team building programs

Company team building programs are more important than you think

Some company managers believe that corporate team building programs are a waste of money: "Why should I spend money on making my employees feel good?" - they ask the big question. However, we could copy here the results of many internationally recognized studies, which talk about how important corporate team building programs are. In our complex modern world, no single person can perform the strategically important tasks - this requires effective teamwork! Did you know that feedback at work is a basic human need, as important as the salary itself? Would you have thought that creating the right work environment would increase employee engagement more than high salaries? The corporate team building program is therefore not a waste of money, but on the contrary a great way to save money!
A well-prepared leader knows that the importance of team building programs should not be questioned! At RV Event, we know how to make corporate team building programs memorable! Ask us for a unique offer!

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What are company team building programs about?

The essence of the event is included in the name of the team building. To create the opportunity for an occasion where colleagues can not only talk about work, where they can get to know each other a little, where, based on human relations, a much more confidential and close cooperation can develop between them than at their workplace. Corporate team building programs are necessary primarily because the subordinates feel that they are important to the management, and the main benefit of the event is that the relationships formed there result in even better cooperation and joint work at work.

Company team building programs in one of the best places in the country: Kaposvár

RV Event has been organizing corporate team building programs for many years - with great success. We constantly receive positive feedback, but despite this, we are constantly expanding and developing our range of services. We can offer several ideal event halls for corporate team building programs. If you have planned a dinner combined with a musical event, or you want an interactive program where you can have a good snack with your colleagues, then both Memoriae Étterem and A Bárány are excellent choices for you.
In the city center of Kaposvár, in an exclusive location, we are waiting for colleagues coming to team building! Request a unique offer for company team building programs!

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Perfect locations for corporate team building programs

For company team building programs, we can recommend two perfect locations in Kaposvár, which can accommodate 50-60 people comfortably, but it is also possible to organize private events. We await our guests with special flavors and personalized service. It is possible to serve buffet, stand-up reception, buffet service, but also for traditional dinner and lunch. The Memoriae Restaurant welcomes guests with international fine dining specialties, while the Lamb restaurant offers a selection of dishes based on traditional Hungarian recipes. Of course, drinks are also recommended by our qualified, professional servers, who do everything to ensure the satisfaction of the guests. The event rooms are well equipped, projector, Flip-Chart, projection screen, hi-fi, air conditioning are also available for conducting the perfect corporate team building programs.

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