Business event ideas - the best business event ideas of 2023, the best ideas for corporate events


Business Event Ideas - Best Business Event Ideas of 2023

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The main field of expertise of RV Events is the organization of business events, so we know that sometimes it is not easy for those who want to plan a company or business event. It is often not easy to make dry, professional events exciting, easy to digest, and memorable, but don't worry, we know the secret. We also bring you some business event ideas that will make your dream event unforgettable! Business event ideas

The best business event ideas for 2023!

Business events can take many forms, from corporate training sessions and annual meetings to conferences and product launches. Whether the audience is just employees or a wider range of customers, partners, shareholders and the board, it is crucial to balance the budget with the "wow" factors and focus on the elements that will really make an impact at the event. mood. What are these elements, what are the best business event ideas in 2023?

Business event idea: Keep up!

We are writing 2023, the new ones are constantly appearing one after the other. Artificial intelligence is also gaining more and more emphasis in everyday life, these modern tools must also be acknowledged during the event, on the one hand because they can be very useful, and on the other hand, because they also enhance the experience. Send an electronic invitation that will definitely not be missed if you also set up an event invitation that constantly sends reminders to guests. Instead of the address, you can also add a direct route link to the location - although our restaurants located in the center of Kaposvár are very easy to find. You will be modern and you can also save on printing costs!


Business event idea: The venue is the soul of events, choose well!

Minden valamire való rendezvényszervező tudja, hogy ahogyan minden rendezvény, úgy az üzleti rendezvények legfontosabb része is a helyszín kiválasztása. Egy jó helyszínnel sokat lehet nyerni, de pont ennyit lehet veszíteni egy rossz helyszínen. Mi három tökéletes üzleti rendezvényhelyszínt is tudunk ajánlani, attól függően, hogy milyen jellegű, vagy stílusú rendezvényt szeretnél. Az alábbiakban bemutatjuk üzleti rendezvényhelyszíneinket.

Memoriae Restaurant: exclusive event venue

The Memoriae Restaurant is an elegant, exclusive event venue in the center of the wonderful city of Kaposvár, with free parking. Here, experienced chefs prepare high-quality gastronomic dishes with the flavors of international cuisine, using high-quality, seasonal ingredients, and we offer the best quality drinks for this. The perfect location for the following business events:
  • company breakfasts
  • press public events, press conferences
  • business lunch
  • degustation dinner
  • standing bets
  • company presentations, meetings

The Memoriae Restaurant has several event rooms that can accommodate 50-60 people. It is also possible to prepare a seated, standing reception, buffet menu (buffet). You can also find the necessary equipment for business events, such as a projector, Flip-Chart, projection screen, hi-fi, air conditioning, and there is adequate sound system.

A bárány Kaposvár: exclusive event location

If you stick to tradition and want the event to follow the classic lines, then our business event idea for you is A Bárány restaurant. Traditional dishes of Hungarian cuisine can be found on the menu, of course in high quality. The event venue is a restaurant for 40-50 people with a drink bar, conservatory and grill terrace; and on the first floor, it is provided by an event hall that can accommodate 40 people and can be converted into two separate rooms. It is also located in the center of Kaposvár, easily accessible, and parking is also provided. The perfect location for the following business events:
  • smaller conferences
  • venues for private conversations
  • company meetings
  • press conferences

Arkánum Hotel: spacious event venue for multi-day business events

If you are thinking about a multi-day business event, our best business event idea is to choose the Balatoni Arkánum Hotel. The shores of Lake Balaton are only a 5-minute walk away, so the guests' entertainment is guaranteed even outside the hotel walls, and they will have no problem even relaxing in our comfortable rooms. In addition to the pool and saunas, we offer modern video technology, which turns the event into a real experience for business event participants. The perfect location for the following business events:
  • weekend company events
  • conferences, lectures
  • team building programs
With our business event venues, you can also keep costs under control, as we prepare a unique offer for each event and put together discount packages! Ask for a unique offer!

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Business event idea: Create an experience that can be a good memory!

We live in a world where experiences are valued more than ever. According to a large-scale scientific study, people are happier with experiential purchases than with material ones – regardless of whether happiness is measured before, during or after the purchase or experience. According to the researchers, this is likely because experiences remain in people's memories, while the value of material possessions weakens over time. Get experiences that will stay with the participants even after the event is over, instead of handing out unnecessary souvenirs! With our special gastronomy dishes, we invite the guests of business events on a tasty adventure that they will remember for a long time!

Business event idea: Consider the needs of the audience!

We already wrote above that it does not matter at all what kind of event you organize, nor who the audience will be. Depending on this, you have to organize a lot of things, even choose a location. As the organizer of the event, it is better to keep in mind that the needs of the guests come first! If attendees spend the entire break sitting down, the last thing they probably want to do is sit down and watch another lecture for an hour. Come up with an active part for a break, for example we are happy to serve delicious snacks to get your guests to talk a little at the table!
Are you looking for the perfect business event location? Request a unique offer for the RV Event! We specialize in the organization of events, and we provide a full range of services to help you run the event in high quality!

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