Memoriae restaurant Kaposvár: an elegant event venue in the city center

The special Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár

Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár: special event venue in Kaposvár

Special occasions deserve special venues. The Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár is a very special place, which is reflected not only in its elegant design, the outstanding kindness of the servers, but also in the special dishes on the plate. Every guest can take part in a special gastronomic journey, through the creations of the professional chefs, they can taste special ingredients with the most special seasonings, such as goat cheese, salmon fillet, duck breast, porchetta, or shrimp. Traditional flavors are put on the plates in a new, modern form and served with premium drinks. In the case of events, the menu is prepared based on what was discussed (it can be a complete 8-course fine dining menu, but street food is also on the menu) - you can be sure that it will be very special. The Memoriae restaurant is worthy of special events, it is one of the best event venues in Kaposvár!

Memoriae restaurant: the perfect event venue in Kaposvár

The Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár is not only a simple restaurant, but also a very elegant and exclusive, versatile event venue in Kaposvár! Because the restaurant also has separate event rooms, which can accommodate 50-50 people. Whether it's family or company events, you can count on the RV Event team and the professionals of the Memoria restaurant! We will help you not only in securing the venue, but also in the compilation of the beer menu, catering, special serving, and even decoration. Wait for the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár with full service!

For what events is the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár a perfect venue?

The Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár is the perfect venue for corporate and family events. The capacity of the separate event hall is 50-60 people. Seated and standing receptions are possible, as well as buffet service on request.

The Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár is the perfect venue for the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Engagement parties
  • Girl request
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Bean waiting parties
  • Birthday events
  • Family celebrations
  • Graduation lunch
  • Ceremony after graduation
  • Class reunion
  • Corporate team building dinner
  • Company year-end or year-opening party
  • Press events
  • Workshops
  • Company presentations, trainings
  • Wine tasting
  • Partner meeting
  • Private company meeting
  • Standing betting
  • New Year's Eve/Christmas celebration

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